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Top Places to visit in October

October brings reasons to celebrate. To celebrate festivals, the junction month between the summers and winters is just so perfect. Why not celebrate travelling in this auspicious month of the Hindu calendar. Starting from Srinagar in the north to the extreme southern Kerala, this month is certainly the best time in the year to travel.

Whether its the romantic holiday you crave for, or the Ayurvedic beaches and lush green Himalayas coming across your mind, our bucket list of tourist places will satisfy every bit of the traveler in you. Interesting part about October is that it is the starting of the tourist season, so you can avail the last of the off season travel benefits. So hurry up and book any of our exotic travel packages.

Top Destinations to visit in October

Boasting of sun-kissed beaches with white sands, glistering sea waves and more, the fun and frolic Goa is one of the most popular beach destinations of India. Your vacation here would not be an ordinary one as this lovely state has much to offer to tourists that flock it in crazy number, every year. Embedded with the Arabian Sea, this laid-back destinations offers a memorable vacation that is an ideal mix of serenity, sightseeing and adventure. The month of October is ideal to witness the experiences that this destination has to offer. You can partake in water sports, savor sumptuous local food, explore the churches and forts or simply just laze around in Goa.


Placed on the western coast of India, Gujarat is known for its rich cultural heritage, temples, architecture, wildlife and temples. The place has something to offer to all kinds of tourists with varied interest. The onset of October brings pleasant weather in Gujarat that makes sightseeing easy. Visit attractions like Champaner Pavagarh Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Rann of Kutch, Dwarka and Saputara, etc. Gorge on sumptuous local cuisine, visit the traditional weaving villages, have a rendezvous with the wild, pay homage to the various religious sites and so on. Father of the Nation, Mahatama Gandhi was born here.


Blessed with abundant natural beauty of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and lush meadows and valleys, Himachal Pradesh boasts of housing several picturesque hill stations that are frequented by tourists, all round the year. After rains, the month of October is the perfect time to visit the popular destinations for enjoying sightseeing, partaking in adventure activities, indulge in shopping, have a rendezvous with the wildlife and so on. Kullu-Manali, Shimla, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Great Himalayan National Park, Chail and Kasauli are some of the famed destinations of Himachal. Enjoy activities like zip lining, rafting, mountain biking, mountain climbing, trekking, para-sailing and so on.


The Land of the Royalty, Rajasthan is one of the most vibrant states of India, frequented by national and foreign in crazy numbers. The onset of October month brings with itself a pleasant weather with cooler morning and nights when the temperatures get low. This splendid place has much to offer wonderful forts and palaces, varied exotic fauna, colorful markets filled with amazing goods, village visits, wholesome food, several great festivals and fairs, camel rides, desert safaris etc. Visit Rajasthan to get a sneak-peek into the life of the erstwhile Kings and Queens of the region.


This South Indian state is known as a tropical paradise and is one of the leading tourist destinations in the country. The region of Kerala runs down the Western Ghats and ends to the Arabian Sea covering the wide range of vegetations and landscape. Kerala is famous for its backwaters, hills, spices, sandy beaches, Ayurvedic spas and more. The state of Tamil Nadu lies to the east and the state of Karnataka, lies to the North. Kerala is home to numerous religions, so you can find Hindu temples, mosques and churches. The ideal time to visit Kerala would be in the month of October, it is cool and pleasing after the showers of the monsoon.


Former ‘Cape Camorin’, during the reign of the British is our present Kanyakumari. This small town is situated at the meeting point of the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian ocean, in the southernmost part of India. The interesting feature of the place is that, you can witness a sunrise and a sunset in the same spot. The place is also known for Swami Vivekananda, one of the greatest philosophers in India who spent some part of his life here. In dedication to Vivekananda, there is a headstone erected along the shore. The best time to visit Kanyakumari is from October to February as you can enjoy all the sightseeing sites and the water activities. Moreover,  it is this time the Cape festival takes place.


The former capital of the British Raj, Kolkata still dwells within the colonial architecture. The city is the perfect blend of old and modern in various fields, we witness people who are rich in culture and tradition along with ultra westernized ones; and the slum occupants as opposed to the ones who live the high life. The best part about this city is that the residents are happy and welcoming than in other parts of the country. The best time to visit Kolkata is during the Duheera festival, in October, the celebration is elaborate. Moreover the temperature decreases and makes the place pleasant. 


Located in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, India, Kanha National Park along and Tiger reserve is a one of the biggest National Park in the state. This famous park is a top destination among the wildlife enthusiasts, it is home to some exotic species and vegetations. The landscape of this region is noteworthy, one interesting feature of this park is a horseshoe shaped valley. The tourists, visit in a large number to see the rare Barasingha (deer), cat tigers and more. The best time to visit Kanha National Park and a Tiger reserve is from October - June. The weather is much favorable for you to enjoy the safari and exploration at a full swing.


Varanasi is located along the banks of the Ganga in Uttar Pradesh, and is the holiest places for the Hindus, Bhuddists and the Jains. The place is filled with old temples, palaces, and fringing  terraces (Ghats) along the Ganga. Hindu pilgrims come all the way from other states just to bathe in the holy water of Ganga. You can find yourself amidst the chaotic and vibrant markets and derive peace by cruising across the river in the morning hours . Varanasi has a very extreme climate, so starting from October and March is the best time to visit.


Mysore holds a very rich past and heritage within the state of Karnataka and is also called the “city of palaces”. The city has been built with great planning, the vibrant palaces and the busy markets are very alluring. The city is famous for premium silk productions, sandalwood, incense and more. Mysore is a must visit place, once you are travelling down South, you will be enchanted by the magnificent Mysore Palace and the striking fountain dance at the Brindavan Garden. October - February is the best time to visit Mysore; the weather becomes cool and pleasant. During October, the tourists can witness the festival of Dussehra being celebrated on a grand scale.


Srinagar district is situated inside of the Kashmir valley, along  the banks of the Jhelum River. It is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, interestingly the capital changes to the Jammu city during the winter time. Srinagar is known for its houseboats, gardens the lakes and it has many tourist attraction sites. It is the most romantic place in the country  and is a very common honeymoon destination. The traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and the dry fruits are famous and found in plenty. You can visit Srinager throughout the year,  but October is highly recommended time, for the climate is much favorable and you can enjoy your sightseeing tour.


Also known as the "Golden City," is located in the state of  Rajasthan, close to the Thar Desert. It is one of the major tourist destinations because it is rich in culture and heritage, also come under the World Heritage Site. Taking a ride on the camel in the sand dunes is an exciting experience.the city’s main highlight is the Jaisalmer Fort, also known as Sonar Qila (Golden Fort). Interesting part about this fort is that it is not empty, there are various shops, hotels and smaller buildings where people still live.


The North- Western part of India is the spiritual home for the Sikh religion, Punjab. One of the major pilgrim center, the Golden Temple is in Amritsar, that attracts a huge number of visitors. The temple is the main feature of the city, the air of tranquility and peace revolves around the area. However the other parts of the city are chaotic, especially the market places. October to March, is fresh and pleasant , which makes it the best time for travelling and exploring tourist places and pilgrimage centers in Amritsar. 


Situated in the state of Utarakhand is a small district of Pithoragarh, which is the easternmost Himalayan region in the state. It offers the panoramic view of the high mountains, valleys, pine forests, rivers and more. The flora and fauna at Pithoragarh is very rich and diverse. Other tourist interests would be the ruins of forts and temples scattered around the place. Pithoragarh provides adventure and pleasure at the same time. The best time to visit would be during the end of monsoon season, the place looks much fresh and clear after the heavy showers. You experience light rainfall, which makes the experience exciting.