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Top Places to visit in November

November marks the arrival of winters in India. Just the time when you hear the news of fresh snowfall in the north. Well its been long that you felt the winter chill, as summers in India often stay long. In November, when the hill stations of the north receive their first snowy spells, the south gets covered with a mystical covering of nature.

Duly noted that you would love to snuggle up in your warm cosy bed in this cool weather with your spouse. But here is the catch, why not try getting naughty with the virgin nature as you strip its raw beauty one by one, and your spouse will not feel jealous at all. To fulfill your nature’s fantasy, we offer to you some of the hottest tourist spots in the country, the beauty of which is simply enthralling and captivating.

Top Destinations to visit in November

The concept of “India and its cultural diversity” would be vague if Rajasthan never existed. This state is royal, splendid and magnificent having sun kissed deserts, Rajput forts flaunting its grandeur with its fine intricacy, vibrantly colored ghagras spelling magic, ghumar  (folk dance performed by women) and when there is something left in the canvas the background music from Kamaicha, Moorchang and dholak will surely fill your heart  with bliss.


Banaras holds great spiritual importance for the followers of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. This indeed is said to be the favorite place of lord Shiva according to Rigveda, and is considered one of the seven holy cities in the country as per Hindus.  They also believe that dying in the land of Banaras brings Moksh (peace) to the soul, perhaps because the city lies on the banks of river Ganga which is considered goddess. This is the perfect destination if you want to sanctify your soul.


Situated in Gujrat, Bhuj now stands strong and has kicked the trauma caused by an earthquake which wrecked it few years back.  This historical city charms with magnificent forts dating back to the time of Rao Hamirji in 1510. The Gujrati folk and handicrafts are ever cherished and spill colors to the aura. Being the district headquarters of Kutch districts it attracts tourists looking for heritage sites. Visit Swami Nayan temple, Pragmahal palace, Aina Mahal, Hamirsar lake,  Bhujio hill and Chhatardi and get inspired.


Lying on the way towards Ladakh, Manali in Himachal attracts several tourists all year round. Sparkling waterfalls, sanctified temples, iconic monasteries and adventure games are what make this place worth a visit. Paragliding, boating, river rafting, trekking and what not! Manali has got it all for you, even if you are on your honeymoon trip or perhaps simply looking for peace and nature at its purest form and pleasant weather far away from chaos.  Manali is a perfect escapade and a getaway from monotony. 


Set yourself for Goa where you can let your soul wander freely and not care about the apocalypse or whatever happens to the world. Goa is about beach, parties, amazing night life and everything that makes the human existence feel enlightened.  Doesn’t matter if you love to splurge in casinos or walk barefoot on the beaches, you will have your share of fun. Goans streets are filled with young and enthusiastic tourists all year round.  Rent a car, scooty or bike and just go exploring with the people you love. 


This village in Karnataka has left and continue to leave the travelers spell-bound. Located amid the ruins of Vijaynagara (listed in UNESCO world heritage site) Hampi was caused by a lot of volcanic activities which leaves the area look arid. But the Tungabhadra River is skirted by palm, mango and banana trees, totally contradicting the aridness. You can spend days praising the beauty of the place, but it would never be enough to totally grasp the serenity and haunts of the ruins. 


Spread across the area of 1412 sq Km, out of which 259 sq km has been declared as a “national park”, Sasan Gir sanctuary in Gujrat houses numerous adorable as well as ferocious wild animals, birds and plants. Gir forest is known for being an adobe of Asiatic lions, Indian leopards, jungle cats, striped hyenas and others. This place is not merely a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, but also bird watchers (as it has about 300 species of birds) and off course, lovers of nature’s serenity. 

sasan gir

Strewn with spectacular ruins dating back to the 16th century, Orchha was founded by Bundela Rajput’s successor Rudra Pratap. The royal and ancient palaces and temples have not lost their charms and are equally magnetic today as it perhaps was back then.  The place is rather relaxing and is untouched from unwanted chaos. While you explore Orchha, some mystical power might grab your collar-backs and place you into the unturned pages of history, in the era of sheer grandeur.


Kovalam, a village in Karnataka is well known for its beaches not only by the Indians but also for foreign travelers.  The beaches are calm and one can enjoy surfing, riding motor boat or wooden boat here. There are three beaches in Kovalam which are spread in its 17 Km coast-line, the palace of Rani Lakshmi Bai perched atop a rocky region also happens to be a must visit. Kovalam is enjoying the title of a tourist destination since early seventies. 


With its rich history dating back to 3rd century BC, Tiruchirappalli had been ruled by Cholas, Pandayas, Delhi sultanate, Vijayanagar and Madurai Nayaks and is almost the centre of Tamil Nadu. There is perfect balance between the old-world charms and modern day bling, as it also happens to be Tamil Nadu’s centre of education having national institutions and factories.  There are some beautiful temples with artistic and intricate carving like Sri Ranganathaswamy temple; beautiful is just not enough of an adjective to justifiably define these temples.