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Top Places to visit in July

With the monsoon picks- up pace, and your days in the city are nothing more than just usual spells of showers, it sure is a wake up call to go vacationing. Do not curse the season for being stuck inside, instead pack your bags because monsoon brings a time when you can actively communion with nature. For this, you have primarily two options-either go North in the abode of the Himalayas, or make your way looking for leisure and variety in South. The mighty high regions in the Himalayas will give you some gut wrenching adventure, which you possibly crave right now, listening the boring tip tap of the rain falling outside. While the second option will steal you a little me time from your busy schedule to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in some of the best locations of Coorg and Kerala. Thus, to make your July more eventful, mentioned below are some of the most amazing places in India. Fun fact is, most of these places have incredibly low prices due to monsoons. So, Happy Holidaying!

Top Destinations to visit in July

A rock strewn set enchanted with rich golden-red-green themed monasteries and awe inspiring Gompas, surrounded by the monks in red and flutters of vividly colored prayer flags. Emerald Zanskar and Indus rivers embracing the rich blue skyline totally feeds the soul. Located in Jammu and Kashmir in India, Ladakh is highly inspired by Tibetan and Muslim culture which is well embraced and preserved by its people in this ever changing era. Hop-in to this pristine eco-tourist spot and get enthralled with nerve-wrecking adventures or perhaps sit back, relax and breathe in the vivacity. 


The quintessential beach destination of India, Goa is blessed with inexhaustible charms with a culture and a spirit to die for. The blissful surprises fringing its golden sandy shores, it’s tempting cuisines melting your heart and a carefree, happy go lucky attitude of its people make it simply irresistible. The rainy season that falls anywhere around July has a unique spell which only the few people who visit Goa can experience. In addition to the virtually isolated beaches, the sights and smells of an overcast Goan sky is heavenly.  While the essence of culture is same there is an unmistakable aura of freshness infused in the veins of its life.


There is not just one reason why Uttarakhand is fondly albeit reverentially referred to as Dev Bhoomi. It must be after the ideal element of surrealism that pervades throughout its sacred mountains, rivers, lakes and sites that gods must have chosen this land to house some their most revered temples. One of the most diversified Indian states Uttarakhand presents the travelers all that they can desire-best of trekking, wildlife adventures, yoga schools, romantic towns and more. The July month brings in rain and washes dust to reveal the state in all its glory. The pitter patter of rain mixing with the usual sounds of bells, gongs, traffic, chants and noise is an experience you can’t ignore.


The nature has a strange phenomenon of sometimes packing all its ethereal glory, its majestic sights and sounds and its magical beauty into one place. If that place is to be considered in India, then Himachal must surely be a strong contender. Often described as “spectacular” in one word, Himachal is an answer to every traveler’s dream. The month of July reveal a whole new aspect of the state. While the sky pours down its blessings in multitude, the earth of Himachal smiles with little streams, tiny rivulets, mud pools and the usual heavenly fragrance of soil bringing back to our mind, the intimate bond we all share with Mother Nature.

himachal pradesh

Romance is most the conspicuous and essential element in Udaipur as its stunning history and myriad of legends, tales and folklore describe this incredible land of Kings and their royalty in its unique dimensions. The mesmerizing mesh of fantastical palaces, havelis, temples, narrow and colorful streets as well as houses and markets brings you within the realm of another India. The month of July brings in the usual, though not always, relief from the burning heat. The city starts coming to life and activity picks up with tourism and trade. This is a great time to experience the magic of Udaipur with sightseeing and exploration, lazy boat rides and exciting shopping sessions.


The advent of monsoon makes Kerala dreamlike. The lush beauty of God’s Own Country is at its prime. Fresh from rain, every lake, river, hill, beach and backwater appears cleansed.  Monsoon arrives in July and even the wildlife is enjoying the salubrious weather. The ideal climate to let Ayurveda work its magic, starts in the month of July. The humid weather of the month is perfect for herbs, oils and massages of Ayurveda cure people of their ailments. What are you waiting for? Make your plans. The festive season also arrives in July.


The Abode of Clouds, Meghalaya is truly magical in monsoon. July arrives in the north- eastern state with fresh weather. Rains have lent lush appearance as far as the eye can see. Waterfalls are in their full might. The two rainiest cities on the planet, Mawsynram and Cherrapunji are much more attractive. There are many mystical caves to explore. Every village, every city is covered in a fresh green blanket. Adventures and scenic beauty are available every nook and corner. Pack your bags and embark on a vacation.


Located in Jammu and Kashmir, Amarnath houses the holy cave of Amarnath, the divine abode of Lord Shiva. The month of July brings the most important reason to visit Amarnath. The start of July is the time when you can trek to the holy site. The pilgrimage to the ice lingam housed in the cave is allowed in the month of Shravan, which falls in the months of July or August. The treacherous trek to the cave can be attempted in these months. Plan your trip to Amarnath as July is just around the corner. 


Indulge yourself in this green garnet of Maharashtra’s Raigad district. This is indeed the smallest hill station of India blessed with lush greenery and is guarded against the motor activities of the modern world which harms our planet. Main modes of transportation in this hill station are rikshaw and horse-backs, which are fun to experience.  Heal your heart and soul from the monotony of life as you amble around Matheran and your eyeballs hails god for the majestic view of the hills.


Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site the valley was declared as a “National park” in 1982. And why wouldn’t it be? It is bestowed with numerous flowers which add patches of vibrant hues in the valley. This national park also is house to some endangered species of animals and birds like Himalyan Monal. It is said that Yogis came here in order to meditate and sink in the tranquility, and even today the beauty is untouched by chaos. The Valley of Flowers in spread across 87 sq. Km and trekkers hop in here to embrace its vivacity. 

valley of flowers

One of world’s leading tea exporters, Darjeeling in West Bengal along with its colonial charm allure a thousand tourists. The city is fondly called The Queen of Hills, and it deserves the title which becomes apparent just from a glimpse. While the local ladies pluck the tea leaves and flick it to their baskets, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (UNESCO World Heritage Site) coos and meanders through. View of the largest peak of the world and India (Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga Peak respectively) can be enjoyed from Darjeeling on a clear day in the month of July when the weather is pleasant.


Spiti is enveloped with snow for 8 months in a year and otherwise happens to be known for its cragginess and isolation which is even more intense than Ladakh itself.  This place is a retreat for the adventure travelers who also look out for serenity on the nature’s lap.  Spiti lies in the proximity of India-Tibet border in Himachal which makes it rich in Buddhist culture and its monasteries and Gompas. Inner line permit is required to enter the stretch from Tabo (Spiti) to Reckong Peo and it is advisable to hire professional tour agents.


Binsar is far beyond the concept of lush greenery in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The area is covered with dense green forests in summers and is sprinkled with snow in winters.  When you are leisurely relaxing or ambling in zero point, the view of the Himalyan range will serve your soul. Binsar is also famous for Binsar wildlife sanctuary which is approved to be the “Important bird area” by Bird Life International, and houses about 200 species of birds and other wild animals the 45.59 Km sq of area. 


The British Empire took pride in Dalhousie (Himachal) and engraved it with its signature architecture and style. Even today the old colonial buildings and paintings of Buddhist Gods enchant the travelers. If you love to breathe in tranquility amid nature, then this is your perfect escapade. The town is the gateway to Chamba and is slowly pacing up with the modern world but the rawness is unscathed.  Being a major tourist attraction, one can easily get hotel rooms and taxi services in the vicinity. 


Come dive into this pool of Indian ethnicity with splashes from France too. Pondicherry is the largest French colony of India with amazing French style architecture and French culture which is of high influence in the vicinity. The older and eastern part of this union territory is more French and many people still talk in French language but the South Indian culture is embraced equally.  The waves of the ocean rumble and the breeze around it soothes the soul.


Get ready to become captivated by the artistically carved house boats, emerald lakes and off course the sanctity of Islam and wooden mosques.   Being the summer capital of Jammu, Srinagar is well known for iconic Kashmiri handicrafts and dry fruits and is often referred as “The land of lakes and gardens”. The district also happens to be the summer capital of Jammu. It’s not just Islam that has embellished Srinagar with beauty but the Mughal ethnicity is a cherry on the cake. 


Lying at the southernmost edge of Karnataka Coorg is blesses with acres of plantation, glistening waterfalls, national park, sanctuary and fort which combines to form a splendid panorama. The town is also a major hub for coffee and spice plantation and is home to the Kodava tribe which is believed to be closely related to Persians or Greeks. Trekkers, eco lovers, honeymoon couples and bird watchers totally cherish the existence of this place on the face of earth. 

coorg (kodagu)

Situated in Kerala and well known for its iconic Palmyra trees, Palakkad is rich in mountain streams, forest and rivers.  This large town is preserved with ethnic and literary attributes where people do speak Malayalam and Palakkad.  Even if you cannot sing along some brilliant Carnatic music, you would not be able to step out of the captivity it spells. Visit Palakkad fort and click numerous pictures, or visit Jainimedu Jain temple as the existence of Jainism in the vicinity is as intact as it was in ancient times. 


The capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla or the Queen of Hills exhibits the fusion of colonial-charm and nature’s mystique. This very city is a hotspot for shoppers, nature-lovers, kids and leisure travelers. Be it luxurious hotels or budget accommodation, Shimla has it all for its visitors. And the biggest plus is the pleasant weather. Its main tourist hub, The Mall Road is a perfect spot for revival, shopping and entertainment. When you just want to praise solitary Shimla won’t disappoint you to have a conversation with nature. Visit Shimla in July, when the weather is salubrious.


Manali the popular hill-station of India is often flocked by tourists. There are a number of activities you can try your hands in here, such as river rafting, trekking, skiing, nature walk, zorbing, shopping and what not. Whether summers or winters, this place is a visitable all around the year. When the snow gets carpeted there people gather to enjoy. Take a drive to Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley or Leh and experience the best journey of your life. The weather during July is pleasant.


Probably the most popular hill-station of South India, Munnar in Kerala is generously sprinkled with greenery. Formerly this served as a summer resort for the British rulers and still has its expansive tea gardens, meandering lanes and all the facilities required for a perfect holiday. Once in 12 years, the hills of vicinity get painted blue because of the blooming of exotic Neelakurinji. Being an unspoiled nature’s paradise, this hill-station is home to sprawling wildlife as well.  Visit Munnar with your loved ones in the month of July.


The popular hill-station of Maharashtra, Lonavla is a super hit weekend getaway from Mumbai. Though this is just few hours away from the ever-bustling city of Mumbai and Pune, but it feels world apart. Miles of green hillocks wreathed in mist and echoes of birds and animals. The beautiful landscape is capable of making your holiday moments worth cherishing.