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Top Places to visit in April

With India's incredible diversity throwing up a long list of name, choosing one from some awe inspiring places to visit in India in April is indeed a tough ask. There are the pristine beaches and tropical islands down South as well as the biodiverse Western Ghats with Nilgiris alone crowned with some gem of hill stations in South India. Up North, thre the mighty Himalayas with some of the highest peaks in the world and some of the most spectacular treks and hill stations. There's so much variety when it comes to planning summer holidays in India. The most difficult part of planning a trip is deciding on the destination to-go-to; to simplify your effort,here is a list of some of the best tourist places you can visit in summer.

Top Destinations to visit in April

Uttarakhand, the Dev Bhoomi of India is a blessed state. Dotted with hill stations, pilgrimage centers, adventure hubs and scenic locales, it is replete with attractive tourist destinations. April is a good time to explore. The chilling winters are over, snow has melted and the verdant surroundings are at their best. Camping, trekking, relaxing and river rafting are the most popular activities that draw visitors from all over the world. Check out the explored breathtaking locales or dare to make you own way, Uttarakhand has invigorating landscapes that make wonderful holidays.


After a dull spell of winters, Srinagar finds its reasons and the right mood to celebrate the liveliness of nature. Srinagar is the home of Asia largest tulip gardens and when the snowy winters become a mood spoiler for sightseeing lovers, the month of April awakes every sleepy corner of the city. The weather during this month stays in a comfortable bracket range of 14 degree C to 21 degree C, which makes exploring the numerous attractions; Dal lake, Mughal gardens and city attractions, truly a delightful affair. Besides, the Spring Tulip festival celebrated in the month of April is an additional factor to pay a visit


Placed at the northern end of the Kullu Valley, about 40 km from Kullu, Manali is one of the most popular hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, flocked by honeymooners and family vacationers every year. The breathtaking landscape and the fantastic weather of Manali is enough a reason for you to explore the place in April. This hill town doesnot only have exquisite locations and popular tourist attractions but also offers amazing opportunities to adventure enthusiasts. One can partake in zorbing, ziplining, trekking, river rafting, para-gliding and more.


The emerald beauty of Karnataka, Coorg is a hill station blessed with picturesque locales. Snuggled in the Western Ghats, Coorg enjoys the title of Kashmir of south. Perfumed with the delicious smells of coffee, spices and oranges, the environs are at its stunning best in April. The altitude of 3500 ft above sea level is pleasant and with warm days a burst of colors in form of multi-hued flowers covers views as far as the eye can see. It is also an ideal place for trekking, bird-watching and nature walks.


Summers at the queen of hills of North India arrive in the month of April. During the season, the frozen status of the hill station chooses a makeover which displays a scenic appeal of the Mother Nature and its greenery bedecked at all its frontiers. This makes April the very right month to go on wild safaris and nature trekking tours. The hill station is also famous for its summer festival that takes place in the month of April. It includes the Himachal food fest, painting competitions, star nights, roller skating competitions and fashion shows as its major feature acts.


Lying in the eastern Himalayan ranges, in the north-eastern state of Sikkim, Gangtok is not only a popular tourist destination. It also boasts of a lot of religious importance for the followers of Buddhism because of being home to a number of monasteries. Gangtok has it all mesmerizing scenery, high mountain peaks, glacial lakes, monasteries, splendid weather, popular attractions, and trekking paths to attract all kinds of travelers. Soak-in the religion at the monasteries, explore the beautiful locations, gorge on sumptuous food, indulge in adventure and more.


Dharamshala is Himachal Pradesh one of the most peaceful locations. The hill station is a shining beacon of spirituality as it is the home of Dalai Lama and Tibetan community in refuge. The natural beauty of the locales in absolutely awe-inspiring. It is the culture and the people that draw visitors. April is a good time to plan your trip. The chilling winters have made way for pleasant weather of summers. Explore the Tibetan monasteries, try out the thrilling treks in the Himalayas or simply relax in the blessed environs.


The wonderful temperature, misty ambiance and the cool breeze of Kodainakal, a mesmerizing hill town, attract an amazing traveler footfall during the month of April. Fondly known as the Princess of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal is equally popular amidst newly-wedded couples and family vacationers. Lying on the upper Palani Hills of the Western Ghats, Kodaikanal is a place to shop for cheese, embroidery work, homemade chocolates and other interesting craft items. April is also the best month to enjoy festival celebrations and attend flower shows, boat races and dog shows.


One of the best months to enjoy the splendid topography of Darjeeling is April. It marks the setting of spring season, which features a highly pleasant weather with a little chill to make you upfront with the feel of a hill station. Average temperature during this time revolves around 22 degree C; sufficient enough for a lot of outdoor activities. The renowned tea plantations turn out to be the best attractions in the spring, for they get all fresh and verdant by this time of the year. Besides, spring also opens the doors for adventure sports like white water rafting and trekking.


The southernmost point of India; Kanyakumari, is renowned for its rich blend of history and cultural heritage. Anointed in the true spirit of such heritage, its attractions boast of temples, churches, forts and palaces. Besides, Kanyakumari beach offers one of the best sunrise and sunset spots in the country. Traveling to this corner of India in the month of April is bound to be a delightful affair. The weather stays highly pleasant for sightseeing as well as swimming and surfing can also be best enjoyed during this time.


Snuggled at heights of 2000 m above sea level, Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination in Uttarakhand. April is a good time to relish its natural beauty. Go for scenic walks enjoying views of snowcapped peaks. Visit the Happy Valley inhabited by amiable Tibetan refugees who have created a home away from home. Enjoy a ride on the ropeway or the cable car. Kempty Falls are a fun destination for all visitors. Cloud End and Lal Tibba are also delightful. Relax in the blessed environs and refresh your weary minds, body and soul.


Spread in an area of 392 sq km, Ranthambore National Park boasts of being one of the largest and most famed national parks in the northern region of the country. The month of April is a favorable one as far as the weather is concerned and there are better chances of catching a glimpse of wide variety of animals during the safari. Popular for its decent tiger population, this national park is also a Tiger Reserve. It is the former hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Jaipur. The park is home is to a wide variety of animals and birds.


Kabini in Karnataka is one of the nature blessed regions in the country. Endowed with the meandering Kabini River, the environs of the natural beauty has become home to numerous species of wildlife. The home of Kadu Kuruba tribe, the blessed locale is one of the unexploited natural paradise. April is a pleasant time to visit Kabini. Enjoy rides on the scenic river. Spot some elephants, gaurs and maybe a tiger. The beautiful place soothes away your body, mind and soul. Spend a few days here is to feel the divine.


One of the prized jewels of God Own Country Kerala, Kumarakom is a beautiful backwater destination. The cluster of islands located in the Vembanad Lake is a nature blessed location. The lovely environment of mangroves, paddy fields, coconut clusters intermixed with canals and waterways adorned with houseboats, Kumarakom is a destination that completes tours of Kerala. Famous for houseboat tours, a famous bird sanctuary is located here. The unique ecology is home to numerous species of avians. Explore the beauty at your leisure in April after the crowds have departed.


Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, lies in the south of the country. Besides, its cliched modernized urban image, the city has a heritage to flaunt. Being under the rule of various prominent dynasties of the south in the past, Bangalore share of old monuments, temples, gardens and historic structures talks about the fascinating heritage of the rulers. Plus, one would never be away from the modern advancements of the city; Bangalore flip side. Travel to this amazing city in the month of April, as it is renowned for its breezy status during that time. The weather would be comfortable and delightful to explore the city and head on to destinations around


Deriving its name from the River Pench, flowing through it, Pench national park is known for its rich flora and fauna. Bestowed by the Best Management Award in the year 2011, this national park covers an area of 758 sq km. The park is also fondly referred to as Mowgli Land, because Rudyard Kiplings popular novel The Jungle Book and the main character Mowgli is based here. Visit the park in April for spotting wildlife in good numbers, mainly because of the pleasant temperatures, including 39 mammal species, 13 reptile species, 3 amphibian species and 210 avifauna species.


Around 10 km away from Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan is another extremely popular religious town, which is every year flocked by the Lordís followers in crazy number all round the year. Owing to pleasant weather, Vrindavan becomes an ideal getaway to have Darshan of the Lord at the Banke Bihari Temple. ISKCON temple and Prem Mandir are the other 2 popular temples of Vrindavan. Every nook and corner of this town has a tale to tell about Krishna and Radha. Nidhivan is also a must-visit


Lying amidst the rolling Sahyadri Mountains, Saputara is a beautiful hill station that is popular not only for its scenic beauty but also for the opportunities that it offers to adventure enthusiasts. The pleasant weather in the month of April makes it a popular destination, ideal for a peaceful getaway from monotonous city life. During your visit, do not miss a chance to visit the scenic locations as well as trying your hands at boating, trekking, ropeway ride, horse riding etc. Saputara also boasts of natural relics, rich biodiversity and a mythological connection.


Enchanting views, wonderful climate and exotic locations of Kausani make it a must-visit destination in the month of April. Placed at an altitude of 1890 m above the sea level, Kausani was formerly known as Valna. It is an ideal getaway that makes you completely forget the hustle-bustle of your city life. Kausani is also a popular choice amidst honeymooners who wish to spend some alone-time with each other. Do not forget to visit the popular temples, Ashrams, waterfalls of the region. You can also try your hands at trekking.


Away from the regular hustle-bustle of the city life, lays the beautiful hill town of West Bengal, Kalimpong. Placed at an altitude of 1250 m above the sea level, it overlooks the Teesta Valley. Located at the foothills of lower Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas, this tranquil hill town is dotted with old churches, valued temples and Buddhist monasteries. Plan a peaceful vacation and treat your eyes to the lush greenery of tea estates, enjoy an amazing weather in April and have a visit to the popular attractions. You can also partake in trekking, ropeway ride, hiking and rafting.


Blessed with exemplary mountain vistas, Auli in the state of Uttarakhand is a haven for nature lovers. The hill station has in its crown the title of being one of the best ski resorts in the world. However those skiing months can be highly freezing. Thus, make your journey to Auli in the month of April (summers), when the temperature sets itself within the pleasant bracket range. This is certainly amongst the best time to go for sightseeing in and around the hill station. Besides, skiing at the lofty hills of Auli is still possible during this month of the year.


Renowned as a popular weekend getaway in the state of Maharashtra, Lonavala is suitable to be visited anytime of the year. The cool climate feels like a respite and its numerous natural attractions; lakes, waterfalls and hills, make it a favorite for residents of Mumbai and Pune. Travel to this paradise land in the month of April and you would be showered with a bounty of options to choose from. The weather stays within a comfortable temperature range and thus, trekking through the verdant green lands to caves like Karla, Bedsa and Bhaja would be a delightful affair.